Computer Repairs from Shelton to Belfair

ComputerLab travels throughout Mason County providing residential and commercial on-site computer and network repairs.  We come to you!  You won’t have to disassemble your computer and leave it at some shop for days or weeks while who knows who has access to it.  Don’t risk leaving your computer with strangers. Our technicians can fix your computer problems right there in your home or place of business.

Service when and where you need it

Don’t trust your computer to just any old employee at a big box store.  Instead, call ComputerLab and one of our professional computer technicians will come to you and provide:

  • Computer and network repair
  • Virus cleaning
  • Printer repair
  • File recovery
  • And more!

In some cases, we can take care of your computer troubles online.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment for our convenient on-site or online service!

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